The Unicorn Bag

Judy wanted to make a special bag for a little girl who loves unicorns.  Fluorescent pink seemed like an appropriate unicorn colour.  Somehow the little bag ended up being a rather large version of what Judy had first imagined and the pink wool was stubbornly refusing to felt well.  So the white wool  used for the lining was also used to meld it all together.  With the additional pounding, rolling and kneading the pink wool decided to felt too, giving the bag an interesting texture.

Then the debate about the handles.  Thick white cord was an option but Judy had an idea for unicorn tails.

Here is the final result.  It is about 18 inches tall and 15 inches wide- great for carrying PJ’s to a sleep over or whatever use the girl finds for it.   I think she liked it!

image1 (8)

image2 (3)image1 (9)


Christmas Passed

Whew!  What a busy holiday season!  There was food, company, games, decorating, shopping and celebrating, which could easily have been enough activity, but were were also creating things to be wrapped and ready under the tree by December 25th!



You may have seen a photo of the flock of sheep four of us worked on; eleven sheep to send to relatives in Ontario.  Six of them are now lifeguard sheep at a cottage pool and we hope they do the job well and keep their shepherds happy and healthy for many years.



Carolyn painted a watercolour gift: this Father-of-the-Bride moment from 2017.  It’s not only a portrait of two people, but also a portrait of the dress that Judy made.

It was nice to create meaningful gifts for some of the people on our list.  It was nice to avoid some of the holiday craziness on the highway and at the mall.  There is a different element of stress involved with producing something good and on a deadline… but the rewards are that much greater as well.

Shadow Play


JK’s felted polar bear was taking part in conversation one night, appealing for some attention.  The colours were eye-catching and the shadows were intriguing.  How many polar bears do you see?

With the real bear, his shadow, his reflection and his shadow’s reflection, four curious polar bears show up in one arrangement.

This little guy became our tree topper so he could supervise all the goings and comings.

Felting a Flock

Our adult classes finished off with a fibre arts session.  We made woolly Christmas ornaments with wool, needle felting the little characters to everyone’s great delight.  These are our sheep.  The students weren’t finished so they went home with a sheep kit.  We’ve since seen one finished.  So cute!


We didn’t quite finish.  Here they are in various stages of undress.  Hey, what’s that polar bear doing among the sheep?

FullSizeRender (23).jpgIMG_1138.jpg

Our special guest enjoyed the class very much, although he didn’t quite see the point of all those sheep.