Fancy Felting

Judy’s newest scarf.  I’m going to call it Jubilation.  It’s a riot of colour and texture and lines going every which way: quite a visual treat.  It’s a cobweb scarf made of merino wool and silk, making it extremely light and warm.  The cross threads were hand spun first, then felted into the roving.  It feels lovely against the skin.



Felted Water

Judy’s new felted scarf reminds me of water with slight ripples catching the sunlight and the reflection of fluffy clouds.  The fine patterns in the felt are similar to minute ripples in water.  It must be warm, tropical water, judging by the colour.  Well, if you can’t have Hawaii, at least this scarf will be nice and warm on your neck 🙂


The Green Scarf

Judy felted a green scarf especially for The Green Show at the Centre for Creative Arts in Grande Prairie.  The show opens July 6 and runs almost to the end of the month.

The scarf is wet-felted with wool, ribbon and trim giving it a very organic look.  It’s very freshly done in the pictures so the wool is still shedding a little.  The cobweb scarf is warm, thin and light.