Lodge Gardens Revisited

These deserved a better picture so you can see the detail.


The day we painted these was one of the rare occasions when the Pleasant View Painters used a photograph to paint from.  The photo is one of mine from last August, taken from the deck of the ice cream and mini golf store at Dunvegan Gardens on the Peace River.  A beautiful spot, but you can see that the ladies don’t worry about making exact copies of what they see in a photo.  Creativity always takes over and we are sure of unique scenes.Picture 075.jpg

Fresh Air Market

Here are a couple of shots from our day at the Fresh Air Market at Dunvegan.  It was lovely hot day… we were very smart to choose the shady spot 🙂  It was also a very enjoyable day.  We heard more great comments, really thoughtful and appreciative comments, than usual.  That’s inspiring 🙂


The “Girls” in the historical park. Many people were pleased to see a dying craft coming back to life 🙂


Books in the sun 🙂 It makes me want to sit under a tree and draw something to fill these books… or just look at the pictures.

Spring Silhouette

DSCF6506Spring sunshine, cotton fuzz catching the long evening sun, kids marvelling at the splendor of nature…  here is a beautiful moment at Dunvegan Park.  This is watercolour, the glowing medium.  I’m quite thrilled with the light on the tree trunk 🙂  When I planned (yes I did!) this painting, it was the boy who was the centre of interest.  Now I find my eye is drawn to the girl in the tree first, then travels through those bottom leaves and finally alights on the boy.  A good painting is supposed to make your eye wander over it.  How did you take in this painting?