Christmas Passed

Whew!  What a busy holiday season!  There was food, company, games, decorating, shopping and celebrating, which could easily have been enough activity, but were were also creating things to be wrapped and ready under the tree by December 25th!



You may have seen a photo of the flock of sheep four of us worked on; eleven sheep to send to relatives in Ontario.  Six of them are now lifeguard sheep at a cottage pool and we hope they do the job well and keep their shepherds happy and healthy for many years.



Carolyn painted a watercolour gift: this Father-of-the-Bride moment from 2017.  It’s not only a portrait of two people, but also a portrait of the dress that Judy made.

It was nice to create meaningful gifts for some of the people on our list.  It was nice to avoid some of the holiday craziness on the highway and at the mall.  There is a different element of stress involved with producing something good and on a deadline… but the rewards are that much greater as well.


Thinking up a Subject

Sometimes, especially with a show coming up, it is difficult to think what to paint!  What do people want to see?  What makes them stop and look?  Well, I still don’t know but I liked JK’s suggestion for me: Dunvegan Bridge at night with northern lights.  An inspiring subject doesn’t take long to complete 😃


Dunvegan in January


The Peace River rarely freezes over anymore.  Instead, large pancakes of ice lazily swirl downstream.  Only when you are right above them can you see how fast they are really going, and hear the shushing noises of slush meeting slush.  This is Dunvegan Bridge on the Peace River, painted from a photo taken early this year.

Looking Up

Looking Up.jpg

Ah, a step back into summer!  Judy’s painting shows the St. Charles Mission at Dunvegan Provincial Park.  You are looking up from the river below, catching a hint of the northern lights in the evening sky as dusk creeps into the giant spruces.  What a welcome sight this small settlement would have been to a weary canoeist or rafting trader.   Things would certainly seem to be looking up.