What colour are shadows in snow?  BLUE!


Dunvegan in January


The Peace River rarely freezes over anymore.  Instead, large pancakes of ice lazily swirl downstream.  Only when you are right above them can you see how fast they are really going, and hear the shushing noises of slush meeting slush.  This is Dunvegan Bridge on the Peace River, painted from a photo taken early this year.

Looking Up

Looking Up.jpg

Ah, a step back into summer!  Judy’s painting shows the St. Charles Mission at Dunvegan Provincial Park.  You are looking up from the river below, catching a hint of the northern lights in the evening sky as dusk creeps into the giant spruces.  What a welcome sight this small settlement would have been to a weary canoeist or rafting trader.   Things would certainly seem to be looking up.

Images From Canada Day

We spent two lovely days at Fort Dunvegan Historical Site on the Peace River, Alberta.  We roasted bannock, toured historic buildings, listened to the Grande Prairie and District Pipes and Drums, played old fashioned carnival games and had rides on horse drawn carts.  Happy (belated) Canada Day!

Lodge Gardens Revisited

These deserved a better picture so you can see the detail.


The day we painted these was one of the rare occasions when the Pleasant View Painters used a photograph to paint from.  The photo is one of mine from last August, taken from the deck of the ice cream and mini golf store at Dunvegan Gardens on the Peace River.  A beautiful spot, but you can see that the ladies don’t worry about making exact copies of what they see in a photo.  Creativity always takes over and we are sure of unique scenes.Picture 075.jpg