Beagle Day!

It has been a while since the dogs have featured in a post, but they are always in on the fun.  Here’s Azu, utterly enjoying art class.  And the students enjoy her nasal utterances as she snores the hours away!



A Sunset Drive

Actually, it began as an afternoon walk with Yorkie and Beagle, and then the sun began to set because it was 4 p.m. in Northern Alberta.  As we drove down the road we had just walked on, the low light made rainbow sun dogs out in the field.  The deepening of the colours was the fading of the day’s last warmth.


And the sun is down within ten minutes. No more sun dogs, no more walking dogs.  Time to see about supper!

Outdoor Art

‘Tis the season to pack up the knapsack and roam without a care, painting with ease all day while roaming the friendly outdoors, returning at end of day with charming sketches and, indeed, spontaneous masterpieces…

Reality check.  Ants.  Wind drying up your wash.  Sunlight glare.  Mosquitoes.  Falling debris.  Sitting on rocks.  Sunburn, stiffness, moving light source, spiders, curious onlookers.

“Outdoor painting is &%#@! hard!”

What a pleasure to hear someone else voice one’s frustration 🙂

Outdoor painting is not indoor painting.

After a couple of hours of annoying myself with a rose bush (I don’t paint flowers well at the best of times; why would I choose such a subject for outdoor painting?!), sketching with some wild, heavy lines was a restorative action.  Here’s my 30 second sketch of Pippie, who knows looking for gophers is a far better way to spend some time outside.