Best Buds


Here’s a sketch of a couple of good buddies, Johnnie Rex and Azu, from a photo taken quite a few years ago.  Azu needs a few adjustments to her neck and John’s face needs a bit of work, but here they are on a lovely fall day, just having a riot.

It’s only a 3″ x 5″ sketch, but it took more than an hour.  Ooh, sore neck!

Tentatively Friends

Azu Beagle, being bigger and bulkier, generally takes first pick of spots near the fire.  It is her favourite place to have a snoring snooze.  After skiing, however, both dogs were cold and Pip was quite wet once his snowballs melted.  He managed to allow himself to share with Azu (and actually get closer to the fire than she was).  This arrangement lasted, peacefully, for several minutes, but then a picture was snapped.  Pip was instantly embarrassed.  He immediately got up and left, choosing a so-much-better-anyway spot by the window.  Azu didn’t care.  Azu didn’t even wake up.IMG_0126.jpg