One Last Christmas Card

Carolyn’s card for the PWS Christmas card swap on the weekend is the culmination of all those images painted before Christmas.  Though not quite the large scale painting I once had in mind, this is still a good effort considering how I exhausted the subject!  Oddly, one of the topics of conversation at the party was how some artists recommend painting a subject two, ten, 120 times!  Well, I quit (for now) at whatever number this is, pleased with the way it turned out.  Judy was pleased too: she drew my card.




PWS Christmas Party

The Peace Watercolour Society has been enjoying a Christmas get-together for decades.  It involves a yummy potluck supper, a good discussion of all things watercolour, and a card exchange.  That way, not only are we inspired to paint a card, we get an original watercolour from one of our peers!

This year Judy’s card was inspired by a local scene, the Spirit River itself.  The deep blues of the shadowy riverbed look peaceful and mysterious.  Whose tracks are those? What goes on down there where nobody goes?


Matta Fest

Matta Fest is a local festival that welcomes spring!  Of course, Mother Nature doesn’t promise good weather.  Rain, snow and sunshine, we had it all on Sunday down at Dunvegan Park.  It didn’t stop the bare feet and belly dancing.  The maypole was woven, the hoops were spun and fire was breathed.  The vendors, like Judy and Carolyn, were pleased with the sunshine that dried up all the rain… after our new canopy was put to good use 🙂


The organizer made this fantastic unicorn!


Closing ceremony.