Joshua’s Show



JK’s first solo show is opening Saturday, only about three years after he started painting.  Bravo Joshua!


Lodge Before and After

Before:  the blank paper, the equipment laid out and ready to go…img_1198

After: the ladies thought we were crazy with our syringes and spray bottles, letting water dribbles make trees, but they followed through and created some atmospheric forest scenes.




A Musical Miniature

We have a miniature show or two coming up and since I was on a musical portrait bent already I decided to attempt a watercolour of a clarinet.  Originally the instrument itself was supposed to be featured, but once I looked at all those keys I thought it might be a good cheat to add the person playing the clarinet.  It is someone famous, although it isn’t meant to be a recognizable person.  Can anyone guess who it is?



Mystery Lottery

Dawson Creek Art Gallery’s Mystery Lottery fundraiser is on again tonight!  Artists donate paintings, photographs, drawings, prints or other work to be concealed under brown wrapping.  Writers offer poetic hints as to what might lie beneath the paper… The curious, those who are willing to be lucky, purchase a ticket for a draw.  Someone’s name comes up.  What will she choose?  Can she guess what is under the paper?  Is it the piece she would like to have?  All is revealed!

This is quite the exciting evening.  Imagine the grain elevator turned gallery with spectators lining the spiraling ramp and looking down on the ticket holders tearing paper from their prize to see what it might be.  Fine food and drink, live music, and our show, Allure, stretching above the Lottery pieces, all the way to the top of the elevator.  Even those who haven’t got a ticket enjoy a wonderful evening of suspense, laughter and warmth.


Judy’s donation: Festive Spray.  Watercolour on paper, and framed.lottery17.jpg

Carolyn’s donation: Autumn Colour.  Watercolour on canvas (that’s a different way to watercolour!  The canvas must be coated with watercolour medium to hold the paint).