Northern Lights With Kids

imageHere’s how the kids’ Northern Lights paintings turned out. Each one is just beautiful!  The watercolours are glued onto the wooden boxes the kids painted with acrylics last week. They will make a lovely gift!

These kids are aged between six and ten.  Can you pick out the two teacher paintings among the kids’?


Finally Finished


It took a long time to paint this one as opposed to a landscape.  I found the composition much trickier than usual because each leaf, bird and branch could direct the eye.  It makes for a more active, chaotic image than a nice peaceful landscape, but there is certainly plenty to look at.  I enjoyed the contrast between the loose background and the very exact birds.  This piece will probably be call Warmth and Light or something along those lines.

Summer Vines

This turned out to be a bright, cool painting of soft summer light.  I’m quite pleased with my bold and inexact shadows and the arrangement spilling over the fence.  Sometimes when I don’t exactly like the way a painting is going I can loosen up and be a little wilder than usual.

This was done with Brusho and bleach.  Here and there I might have poked at it with some regular watercolours because I was too lazy to take it downstairs 😉