Alcohol Ink Tiles

These are two of Judy’s alcohol ink creations now on display in the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.  The colours are very bright and pure, making these quite striking pieces.  They are painted on 6 x 6 ceramic tiles and framed in shadow boxes.


Alcohol Ink Mosaic

DSCF3131.jpg We’ve been super busy with an Artist in Residence Program at our local school, spending time with grades Kindergarten to 8 working on some serious art skills.  They all contributed to a group installation, above.  Each student painted a ceramic tile using alcohol inks.  Once we get each piece secured, the panel will be installed in the school library.

The grades all had other projects in many mediums, including acrylics, watercolour, water soluble pencil, pastel, Elegant Writer, pencil, scratch board and foil sculpture.  They’ll show off their weeks of workshops in an art show before the end of the school year.

Alcohol Ink Miniatures

Judy painted some alcohol ink glass miniatures for a show this month.  They measure about an inch by an inch and a half.  You have to pick them up and move them around in order to see the entire painting.  Moving them makes them come alive.  The paints are brilliant and clear, a perfect compliment to the transparent glass.  To finish them, Judy added a white felt backing.