Fall Reflections



Mystery Lottery

Dawson Creek Art Gallery is gathering work from artists and writers for this year’s Mystery Art Lottery.  Paintings are donated, hung on the wall and paired with a piece of writing they have inspired.  People have a few days to try to match words and visual art.  Then the pieces are covered, words attached to the paper wrapping.  At the live event on November 3rd, ticket-holders are drawn at random to make their selections while onlookers gather on the spiraling ramp in the grain elevator gallery for a bird’s eye view of the surprise.  It’s very exciting, especially this year because it’s a masquerade!

Here are JK’s, Judy’s and Carolyn’s donations to the Mystery Lottery Fundraiser 2018:


JK: Snowy Hollow


Judy: Cascade


Carolyn: Sparrow

Moody Skies


Sometimes it is difficult to decide if you like a painting or not.  Sometimes an experiment clearly works the first time, sometimes it needs more work.  What about this trial run?

The idea was to glaze Moonglow over warmer colours like Azo yellow, Raw Sienna, Quinacridone Rust.  Then Cadmium Orange and Cobalt came into the picture.  Perhaps on a larger paper this would have worked better, as the first two layers were pours.  Perhaps there should have been a sketch.  There is something about this painting that makes it not quite likeable and not quite a total loss… what about some more tweaking?

Painting Tekarra


We painted at Tekarra, then Carolyn painted Tekarra Lodge environs after beating a hasty retreat home when the snow came down in blobs.  This is one of the cabins, similar to the one Judy and Carolyn stayed in on the painting retreat with Watercolour in Jasper.

There is an initial pour with Moonglow and some of the sparkly mineral paints from Daniel Smith.  That created the soft, moody atmosphere over the whole painting.  The rest was sort of a palette clean up of the paints used on the retreat.

Snow Caps

I was taken by this image on the day of our first snow here in Northern Alberta: the bright colours of summer flowers each given a tall hat of snow, or a snow cap!  The vivid colours of one season contrasting with the fresh softness of the next called out to be made into a painting. I know this is candy coloured, and it even sparkles thanks to Daniel Smith’s Amethyst, but I like the happy greeting for winter:)



Judy’s Jasper Collection

Our art retreat with Watercolour in Jasper was a wonderful watercolour experience, and one that brought some great results.  Here are some of Judy’s en plein air paintings from the locations we visited: