The Angel Appears


Inspired by a Pink Floyd song called On the Turning Away, this is one of JK’s newest pieces.  It is currently untitled.

JK’s intentions were to depict the stormy history of Ukraine and the ongoing struggle to bring light to the nation and her people.  The flag is tattered, yet it stands strong amid the turmoil.  It is the “dream of the proud”.

The song is about how we tend to turn away from suffering.  Disinterest, self-preservation, fear and misunderstanding; “the coldness inside” makes us do it.

The painting itself has a powerful message of solidarity amidst turmoil; tenacity against forces beyond one’s control.  There is a feeling that the storm is lifting, that those bright spots are finding a way through the clouds to shine on that weary flag.  Perhaps the storm is lifting and there will be a brighter future.

JK and I were looking at his painting again a couple of weeks after it was finished.  Somehow, (was it only the different lighting?) this time a face appeared in the sky.  It is difficult to see in the photo so I’ve enhanced it below.  


It is a serene, beautiful face.  Many would think it was the image of an angel, appearing to part the clouds and bring hope to the dark land below. Or perhaps it is the “dream that there’ll be no more turning away”.   

Of course it’s human nature to see faces.  Our brains are wired to focus on people as individuals from infancy.  How ironic then that we should be able to see a face in a work of art created with the message to stop ignoring humanity: to see suffering and, even if we do nothing else, not turn away.

Having seen the face, it is very difficult to look at this painting and not see the face.

We would be interested to hear others’ interpretations of the painting.  It’s always great to be in on how people perceive your work.  Everyone sees things differently!   Please leave a comment if you’d like to share your experience with this painting 🙂

P.S. All the quotes are from the song, On the Turning Away, used with much respect for the the artists and their work.


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