Waterfall Inukshuk


When I saw piled stone way markers in Scotland I wondered if they are part of an ancient custom or something that migrated over from the Canadian North.  Are they called Inuksuit (plural of Inuksuk) in Scotland?  Certainly I have seen them wherever there are rocks and people, these days, so it makes sense that ancient people would have a little rest and pile some rocks as well.  If anyone knows more about the little stone men of Scotland, I’d be pleased to hear from you.

This painting is of a Canadian Inuksuk, I just can’t remember exactly where it was.  The rock at the bottom looked like a bird with outstretched wings, making the little fellow look like he was surfing the breeze.  A lovely idea!  Anyway, this was just a little sketch, the first I did with my travel kit from Scotland.  The colours are excellent!


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