The Rose Window

The Rose Window.JPG

I’ve been asked whether my style has changed now that I’ve been to Scotland.  I had to answer that my experience was very wet: every scene was softened by mist or rain and that means that when I paint images from my trip I often use lots of water and blend the colours and shapes into one another.  I suppose you could say that my style changed, but only according to what I was trying to capture.

However, it’s a trick of the rain to make shapes sharp and clear so long as they are close to your eye.  In The Rose Window, shapes are again sharp and clear.  This was something I saw in Scotland, and it was raining, but I was in a bus parked very near to a hotel. This beautiful window, carved from local stone and adorned by the climbing roses, was about all I could see.  Maybe that’s why this painting is more like my usual style.  Could it also be less watery because I was warm and dry in the bus?  


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