Snow in the Shipyard

J and I went looking for adventure in the mountains near Tumbler Ridge.  The snow was not part of the plan, but it was beautiful!  We drove up the bouncy mine road past the Boulder Gardens to Shipyard and Titanic, a series of rock formations created by sliding layers and tumbling boulders.dscf9103

The scenery was rather impressive!  This is The Armada from below (a short side hike called Tarns and Towers).dscf9207dscf9127

The Armada again, this time from above and with the mine in the background.  Besides the beautiful view, there was the smell of pines and Labrador Tea and the sound of birds warming up in the crisp, cold air under the cliffs.  The waterfall near the trail was gushing joyfully and the “dry” stream that the trail followed through the alpine meadow was burbling with happy purpose.

DSCF9146.jpgHere’s the corridor between The Titanic and the mountain behind.  The Titanic is a long, narrow rock with a boat-shaped promontory on an upward angle.  To see it properly, a climb farther up the mountain is necessary.  Next time we’ll do that part of the hike and see the tarns caught on the smoother surfaces above the cliffs, but this time the melting snow and mud were a bit of a hindrance.  From below, we could see a group practicing rock climbing up the port side of The Titanic.  We had the ship all to ourselves while we tottered across the narrow hull, but once below the rock again we saw the climbers emerge from a crack in side of The Titanic.  It was a strange feeling to know that they were “below deck” 20 0r 30 feet under us and all those tons of rock.


From The Titanic, looking down on Bismarck and, the tiny black mound on the far left, The Armada.  The large swath of white snow is the alpine meadow and the stream.


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