Judy’s Jujubes

In my picture of the jujube bowl (posted last week and again at the end of this post) it looks like the bowl is floating.  Can you figure out the shadows and reflections?  They are confusing and it makes an interesting effect.  Judy’s pictures are even more fun!  Crazy angles, skidding bowls, and dramatic shadows.DSCF2038DSCF2037DSCF8276


2 thoughts on “Judy’s Jujubes

  1. David says:

    When the first photo was published I was going to comment that I thought the bowl of jujubes was once domed at the top (more jujubes) before the photo.
    But this often occurs when Judy gets near jujubes – especially older ones.
    The answer is obvious; you are getting too much sun.

    • art3g says:

      Judy has help with her jujubes these days. Generally the green ones will disappear first. I only eat them if they’re covered in chocolate so I don’t care what colour they are. I have to rescue them from the sun.

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