Birds in a Book

I’ve really been stuck on a birds theme lately, but people do seem to love birds of all sorts.  The miniature birds series I’ve been showing here has gone to a show along with this miniature book, creatively titled Birds.  I finished the book Wednesday morning, the day it was due at the show 😉

imageI like the idea I came up with for the cover this time, if I do say so myself.  It was relatively easy and it looks sharper than many of the things I’ve tried.  The picture is pretty bad though… time to clean that lens again.  And maybe stop using my iPad while I’m baking.

This is a piece of my favourite leather to work with.  What will I do when it’s gone?  image

Ick, another great picture.  But you can see that the book is a compendium of my photos and paintings.  The paintings sometimes resemble the photos, sometimes not.  It’s just a picture book this time.  Hey, there was a deadline!  I might expand this one to include a bit of reading material, but that expands the amount of work that goes into it without expanding the price very much.


Hmm, artist’s fingernails.  That was from acrylics class.  Anyway, the painting (on the left) is one that was supposed to be in the Christmas card exchange for Peace Watercolour Society two years ago but it snowed and the meeting was cancelled so I kept the card and sold it.  People do like birds 🙂


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