Ice Ponderings

These are the last of the ice photos that I’ve selected for the blog.  Now we’re back in the deep freeze with snow on the way for the weekend so we won’t be seeing more clear ice for a while.  A photographer’s opportunities don’t last forever!DSCF7868

Does it seem like there is open water in this picture?  You can tell by those trapped bubbles that there is a thin layer of ice there.  The water is quite deep here and that ice won’t even hold up our six pound Yorkie.  Luckily he seems to understand the danger and sticks to the shore.  DSCF7853

Feathers and bubbles are two of the most noticeable features of this ice.  The feathers are like dragonfly wings trapped in amber.  The bubbles are like stars in a black sky.DSCF7874

Bigger bubbles, frozen at the surface.  See that pile of shapes above the rock on the far right?  The air was moving away from the rock, under the top layer of ice, and it froze in six stages.  It made chambers as it grew, like a baculite does, only these icy sutures are smooth and random.DSCF7871

A mix of patterns in ice and air, trapped in place as the water swirled around the tree trunks.  Forest debris fell or was blown in even as the ice froze.DSCF7864

Spindles and feathers: what makes them grow?  Are these the beginnings of the spikes and triangles seen in other pictures?DSCF7861The spindles have frozen sweat, condensed droplets frozen separately against the top layer of ice, along their chilly spines.


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