Here are more pictures of the ice formations that grew this week after a warm spell. Everywhere were different patterns and shapes, thicknesses of ice, types of crystals and transparency of the ice depending on whether the water had been moving or still, in the afternoon sun or shade, or littered with forest debris when it froze. Come by tomorrow to see more 🙂


It would take some study to figure out exactly what happens in each case.  My guess here is that the bubbles formed before the surrounding ice froze, then froze themselves.  The blue shadows are intense against the transparent ice.


Why do the triangular crystals rise above depressions?  Why do they grow in triangles, with holes in the middle?


Here you can see the clarity of the ice, but also bubbles, fingerprint-like growth lines, frosty edges and the curious, matte freckles.DSCF7850

This pattern reminded me of oak leaves or blunt ended sticks.


More triangles, and this time you can see the hollow centre.  There are frosty feathers in this one.  Notice how the triangles wander askew,  eccentric rather than concentric.


Opalescent shadows.  Several of these images are reminiscent of satellite images, or flying over the Canadian Shield in winter.


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