Snow Markers

For centuries Northern peoples have built landmarks of various materials to mark their passage through an area or to show fellow travellers where to go.  Particularly in the vast and lonely north, an inukshuk would be a welcome sight.

One winter morning we watched the Outdoor Ed. class build standing structures with blocks of snow cut from the bank below the track.  The sun was just coming up above the treeline at 10 am, when class was over.  Judy and I went out to take pictures of their “inukshuk” creations.


While we were limited to angles that cut out fences and baseball dugouts from our photos, we managed to get some shots into the sun, which was what we wanted.  It was very bright and all we could see were the silhouettes.

Circling the mini monuments, we were met with a surprise.  What had appeared to be a classic inukshuk was, in reality…


A tall sink, complete with hot and cold taps.  There were other amenities as well:


Although it might not hold water, the tub is roomy.


And, of course, the toilet.  It is complete with toilet paper and a companion potty chair that you can’t see in this shot.

Well, after all, if you’d been travelling for ages in the vast wintery Alone, what would be be a most welcome sight for you?  Some indication of where to go, perhaps?



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