On a Frosty Friday Morning


Another frosty morning in the Peace Country, this time a soft grey day.  Every step leaves a yellow trail of grasses with their frost cover dusted off.  No one has been this way yet today.


Grass drapes in thick humps over the snow.  It is difficult to walk across the grain.  Each step is a stretch and a tangle and a stumble.  Deer, with their small feet and long strides, would not be similarly troubled.


The old railway snow fence is always scenic, but particularly so in winter.   Snowdrifts often make sinuous sculptures, but this year we haven’t yet had enough snow.  Instead there is stubble showing in the field.



There is a feeling of vast aloneness when there is nothing to be seen on the horizon.  A frozen, silent landscape is quite peaceful, but it could easily turn eerie.


I walked along the fence line at the bottom of the field, a walk I’ve taken hundreds of time before.  The pictures, too, I’ve taken many times, but each is as different as the weather and light conditions.


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