image These are two of the five beautiful black horses with one of the sassy black birds catching a ride.  I wanted to paint a monochrome to show the deep black tones of the horses’ hair juxtaposed with the gleaming white highlights.  Black, however, is notoriously difficult to use.  It gets dull and dirty and flat.  Daniel Smith’s Moonglow, however, is a colour with depth.  Like Elegant Writer ink, it separates into pink and turquoise.  They scintillate together and with the white paper.  Moonglow also dries with a soft, dusky sort of glow like an old sepia photo.  I really liked that effect, but the plan was always to colour the canola field.  The purplish colour of the Moonglow could make the yellow a nice contrast, but it might ruin the monochrome…  what to do?  I put the yellow in.  Turns out I like it!  The painting that I thought was all about colour had a lot to do with shape as well.  The yellow break between foreground and background also added some depth that was missing in the monochrome.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure the pink and turquoise is going to come out in the photo.  Can you see it?


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