New Birth

It might be sudden, it might be messy, but don’t worry, it will grow :). This is a mixed water-media piece, obviously not in my usual style but making me want to do some more!imageThis began as a very abstract blob, but the head of some sort of creature was there almost from the beginning. I need to work on using my imagination and this was a good exercise for that. Most artists, excepting a lucky few, do not “see” their work as a finished piece and just fill in the lines and colours on paper. We have to learn techniques, including how to notice a great “happy accident” going on as we work before it gets obliterated by our planned approach. There is sheer luck,  actual talent, and skill in fixing mistakes. All these things might work together to produce a good painting!  Practice makes perfect – once in a blue moon!


5 thoughts on “New Birth

  1. I see a bird splashing in a birdbath, having the time of its life. 💛

    • art3g says:

      Yes, I can see that too! I guess I was reminded, by that bald head and magical eye, of a Phoenix, so I went in that direction. But the egg was also undeniably there in my vision. I suppose once in a while a new Phoenix must be hatched?

  2. cubbyholes says:

    I see bird vs. .22 caliber…bird loses. Lol

  3. This picture is very vivid – I love the colours!

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