Messing About With Elegant Writers

Now we have a class set of Elegant Writer Pens!  We took them to the lodge this week, but first some messing about in preparation.  Elegant Writers have water soluble ink.  A drawing, complete with shading, can be painted with clean water to spread the colours in a watercolour effect.  A brush loaded with ink picked up from the paper can be used until it runs out of juice.  Watercolour techniques like wet in wet and lifting work beautifully, and of course fine details can be drawn in at any time, so long as the paper is dry.  As the ink separates into pink and teal, the painting attains a lovely three dimensional effect.


The trunk was drawn with the pen, then everything else was added with ink sucked into the brush and softened off with water. The background is wet in wet.


Water works particularly well as the ink explodes into wet areas. This is a marsh with wet in wet background trees, pale clouds , and even a goose on a nest.


Doodles and scribbles and nothing much, but the explosion of ink is always exciting to watch!


Layering of colour. You can pick at a tiny sketch for ages.


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