Home Made Travel Kits

Grandma found her travel watercolour block today.  I made one for each of us about three years ago, but hers was the last and therefore the best.


A tidy package from the outside. Grandma likes the iridescent flower beads but threading the pencil through four elastic loops is perhaps a bit difficult. I could improve on that design.


The leather was an upholstery sample – one of those big square pieces on a ring. I just drew the pattern (measuring from the block of paper) and used velcro to hold it all together. WAY easier than sewing, which I tried on my own case.


The block (pad) was made of paper cut to the right size and glued together. I just used Aileen’s for this block, but now I have some fancy book binding stuff. Add some brushes and a pencil and you have a full kit to go with a travel palette and water containers.



2 thoughts on “Home Made Travel Kits

  1. This is a great idea! And quite straightforward to execute! Very cool 🙂

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