What Grade Fives Did!

Our Artists at School have been incredible this year!  Just look what Grade Fives did!  And their teachers.  We love it when the teachers paint too!


Winter sunrises, with a hint of spring warmth 🙂


The monster class of 30. Whew!  With about half the one on one time, they still came up with high quality work. 


Each one is definitely individual. And every single one is gorgeous!


What these kids have done, most with a total of 4 hours of watercolour experience, is mind blowing. Especially if you’ve ever cried into your own watercolour painting!


Kids come up with way more interesting trees if they have only minimal instructions on how to paint them. Also, by the time they get to the trees, they need to show off their own skills a bit.


Grade Fives also know a lot about light and were able to put that knowledge to good use in this scene.  Their watercolour technical skills are beyond their own realization 🙂


I can’t get over how great these look! The show is going to be fantastic. And I hope the kids will get their parents out to see what they’ve done and inspire them to get these framed!



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