Banners 2015

The theme this year is Summer a Fun in the Fairview Area!  Here are some pictures of our days with the artists from Grade Three.


Each banner is, on average, the same length as each child.


As one child noted, we were painting on the floor of “an old ballerina’s room”.


The floor was covered with plastic mostly because the paint goes through the fabric. The kids were surprisingly tidy 🙂


A rainbow of fun!


Some finished products!


It won’t be long before these will be seen out on the streets for spring and summer!





4 thoughts on “Banners 2015

  1. David says:

    The banners look fantastic.
    I like the ‘monster’ brushes they were using.
    Or is that ‘master’ brushes?
    There is a word for it.
    Keep up the good work for the community!

  2. Beautiful display of banners. I could feel the paint going on in the first photos – such freedom to paint

  3. art3g says:

    Judy got to be the Master Paint Mixer 😄

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