Season of Shadows

We have beautiful, sparkling white snow on the ground once again!  And what colour are the shadows?  Blue!  Not black.  People sometimes get the idea that shadows have to be black, and they even want to paint them that way!  Nope.  Shadows come in many colours, and on a clear, sunny winter day, snow shadows are most definitely blue 🙂

DSCF4568 DSCF4566


2 thoughts on “Season of Shadows

  1. David says:

    For me the top photo shows a host of ghostly figures cavorting on pinstripe snow, one with a scythe and the other with a rake; too late for the fall harvest. What blue shadows?

    The bottom photo show how cold it is with even the snowflakes frozen solid in the sun.

    • art3g says:

      Wow, can I hire you to write the captions? It won’t pay much, but you’ll get famous. Almost definitely famous. I do see the ghosts of autumn processing across the snow – now.

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