The Labrador Forest

A boggy forest is a most fascinating place in any season.  Fall may not be the most obviously pretty time to visit, when spring is full of glorious blossoms and summer is thick with lush mosses and strong light, but the delicate beauty of the fall is wondrous to behold.

My Labrador Forest (so called because of the prevalence of Labrador Tea plants) is a secret place where rabbits run and elk drop antlers, where incredible things grow in fascinating patterns.  I missed going in the spring, and in the summer, making my first visit of the year possibly also the last.  Not only that, when I got there the battery symbol on my camera was already flashing red…

The great conundrum of the photographer with the nearly dead battery: should I take pictures now when I’m seeing something nice or reserve that battery in case I come across something amazing?  Once I used all my film (remember that stuff?) on landscape shots, only to get within three feet of three baby racoons – possibly a once in a lifetime shot.  Although I missed capturing the wildlife, I had lots of pictures of the lake and trees… it’s always a toss up what to do.

In the Labrador Forest I settled for a little of each, taking a few shots as quickly as possible.  I didn’t use any special settings or compose the shots, just snapped.


I can’t clean my lens without having the camera on – one of my few complaints about my camera.


Just recording some of the weird and wonderful things growing in the Labrador Forest; not attempting great photography.


Incredible detail: a macro photographer could spend so long in the Labrador Forest he would sprout mushrooms himself before he had seen everything.


Some of those delicate colours of fall. These look like they should be growing in the ocean.


Millions of tiny, furry stars!

As it turned out, I did see a great big moose just as we left the forest.  The battery was still working, but the moose was faster than I was.

In conclusion, I have come to no conclusion about whether it is best to save the battery or spend it.


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