Paddling down the Peace

Floating down the Peace River is a lovely, peaceful way to spend an afternoon.  Even on a Friday, we only saw one other group of boaters.  It’s a great experience to be all alone in the wild.  Although we’ve been to several spots along this route on foot, it is the first time we’ve kayaked it.

DSCF2300 DSCF2302 DSCF2306The scenery, no matter which way you look, is magnificent.

DSCF2313 DSCF2311

This rock was slightly disturbing.  We had to get really close before we were sure it wasn’t a vehicle caked with mud.  It really was just a rock! DSCF2328The geese didn’t fly away, they ran.  They are good at it, but it looks very funny.


One of several hoodoos along the left bank, this was one of the most impressive.  It hung fairly far out, and it had a feature I’ve never seen before.DSCF2350A strut!  I thought for a minute there was a marmot living in the hole, but it was just part of the formation.  Looks like a bird might be using the space.  We did see some curious white splotches like this in the hills that were far too big for any animal to have been the culprit.

DSCF2353Looking down from the hoodoo.


This fellow strode into the river just in front of us and swam across.  It seemed to be no trouble at all.DSCF2373It only took a moment to drip dry.


Another stop, this time at a narrow canyon on the right shore.  It was all jammed up with rocks and giant chunks of sand.  The second variety crumbled under my feet when I climbed over them – how did they make it through the flood in one piece, complete with sharp corners?DSCF2383A small cave, capped with some very odd rock layered in many thin slabs.

DSCF2396We saw two eagles along with the ducks and geese, killdeer and gulls.  Killdeer or killdeers?

DSCF2400A recognizable landmark: the Ksituan River!

DSCF2418These three were in a group of five coming down for a drink.


Almost back.  What better way to end the expedition than passing under the Dunvegan Bridge?DSCF2435We’re through!


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