Dawson Creek Gallery

Judy and Carolyn took their paintings in to to The Dawson Creek Gallery for the summer members’ show, and Evelyn came along for the ride.  It’s a beautiful gallery, inside a salvaged grain elevator with a three story spiral ramp around a gift shop stuffed with local pieces.  It’s a landmark located just across the parking lot from the famous Alaska Highway Mile 0 sign.

(No, it isn’t Dawson’s Creek, like the tv show.  George Dawson was a geologist and explorer 🙂 )


The light was bad so I used the Drama mode on my camera. It’s not called that, but it is that.

The other reason it’s nice to go to this gallery is because the drive is so nice.  These are out the window shots.


There are 42 wind turbines on that hill (Bear Mountain) to the left. You can imagine the view from there is spectacular!



It’s the foothills.


An approaching storm makes the canola glow in contrast.


Just miles and miles of colours and light.


I’m not sure I’d choose to build here…


The wild flowers match too.




4 thoughts on “Dawson Creek Gallery

  1. Deb says:

    What a great use of a grain elevator. Do you have any inside shots of the gallery?

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