Outdoor Watercolour

Painting outside is difficult. The wind and sun and rain can effect how paper and paint dries.  Bugs and dust get in your gear and in your work.  Light changes before you can remember how it looks. People and animals won’t stay still.  It’s a challenge 🙂

Usually my outdoor paintings look like mud and yuck.  My first this year is so good, comparatively, that I’m brave enough to post it here.  Please think sketchbook, not gallery, when you look!

This was from the Peace Watercolour Society get together at Dunvegan Historical park.  The light in the new leaves against the shady hill was striking from the moment we drove in, and then the tour stopped for a moment in the sun before going into the Mission.

DSCF0945Three dogs also conspire to make outdoor painting difficult.  The beagle disappeared at one point.  She had joined the tour and was inside the mission.  Looking for shade… or the kitchen?

Here are two outdoor sketches from years past.  These ones actually sold, too!


Hazy Ranges, near the Valley of the Five Lakes


CGI Outfitters, painted at Green Island guest lodge. It was more than 30 degrees C outside that day.


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