Lodge Thursday – Wet in Wet Monochromes

I’ve missed getting pictures from the last two PVL Thursdays.  We always break for the summer at the beginning of June because it gets too hot and bright to paint in the sun room at the lodge.  Besides, everyone is up to something else in the summer!

So all we have to show for our final session is paintings by Evelyn, Judy and Carolyn.  We did wet in wet monochromes using plexiglass boards.  Everyone started with a sky.  Most added water, either an ocean or a lake, and then trees, rocks, or whatever the painting seemed to be communicating.

This technique gives everything a lovely soft effect.


Judy’s demo. Simple, clean, peaceful… and yet the light and the clouds are fantastic.


Wet in wet lends itself to creating a misty effect.


Just soaring through the clouds.


When in doubt, add a lighthouse. That’s one of Carolyn’s oldest tricks 🙂

Adding colour over the blue works as well.


Evelyn’s is a coastal scene with masses of pine.


Possibly a lake or maybe the west coast.


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