Boar Town

The piglets (boarlets?) are streaming around at our local boar farm.  They have tunnels through bales and they slide in and out and round and round, changing directions in a flash.  Adult boars kept popping out too, trying to be intimidating.  They huff like deer.  Huff!  I huffed back and the boar popped back into the bale cave.  They also grunt, of course, but my pig snort wasn’t the least bit convincing.  Their weird, ape-like screaming is very eerie.  I wouldn’t want to be lost near this farm in the dark.

The sows were on high alert with suspicious looking photographers around.

The sows were on high alert with suspicious looking photographers around.


The piglets are cute.  Their stripes make them difficult to see when they’re on the run.


Here they are in their bales.  They streamed in, out and over like rats.


The adults are not cute, although they are a bit teddy bearish if you see them straight on.


In profile, covered in mud, they look rather prehistoric.


Don’t let the smile fool you. This sow could do you some major damage.


2 thoughts on “Boar Town

  1. Deb says:

    That is interesting that there is a boar farm. We have a cabin in Lac Ste. Anne County and we keep getting brochures regarding wild boars. The brochure tells you how much you will be paid for presenting two ears. I cringe every time I read it. One county’s pest is a business in another locale. So interesting.

    • art3g says:

      Ouch. Here, too, the wild ones are a problem. They can be very violent and destructive. Boar is supposed to be very tasty.

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