Cut Out Mini

There is probably a name for this kind of book but I’m not sure what it is.  This was a trial run, the first I’ve made, and I didn’t know exactly how it would go together until it was done (that’s the way I go about things!).  I learned that I need a new knife, one without the tip broken off, but I’ve got one and I think I’ll try this again.



Two little latches, both have to be undone and swivelled out of the way.


Then the book pops out like this, with three cut outs.


Each has two pages behind it with different papers. The rose gets the shiny red and the sparkly purple, depending on which way you look at the book.


The shell is purple one way…

And green the next.

And green the next.


So on…


And so forth.


2 thoughts on “Cut Out Mini

  1. Deb says:

    I saw a show on PBS a few months ago where a paper artist was using a punch that she tapped with a hammer to create intricate paper works like the one you have shared. Evidently it is a traditional art form. I think the artist was in New Mexico or Texas. She had punches of different shapes and sizes. Just thought I would mention it in case you wanted to check out the tools.

    • art3g says:

      Good tip! I wanted to do a little research on paper cutting anyway. It was a bit disappointing that there isn’t a cool name for the craft in North America, but in Mexico, China and Sweden it is a more traditional art form. There are certainly a lot of tools out there in Google images land! But for me I’ll have to go the thrifty way and cut out my own 🙂

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