Fall Cascade

Another of Judy’s newest paintings, Fall Cascade, is part of our show Allure.  Fall Cascade is exactly that; a rainbow of autumnal tones swirling from up in the trees to the ground below.  Negative painting with cooler hues gives it a secret, fairyland feeling.

Fall Cascade


4 thoughts on “Fall Cascade

  1. Amazing. This is breathtaking.

  2. art3g says:

    Thank you! What a nice comment. I really enjoyed painting this one.

  3. Deb says:

    Beautiful and vibrant. You are showing watercolor in a whole new light.

  4. art3g says:

    Thanks, Deb. By the way, I have read your frustrations with the math and understand. I tutor math and other subjects – not that I am an expert in math, just that I seem to be able to identify with the problems the kids have and help them find ways of understanding that make sense to them. Some of today’s methods make absolutely no sense to me. Can’t figure out what the texts are trying to say ( and I did take math all the way to second year university when I was thankfully finished with it). The authors’ attempts to simplify seem to add more confusion.

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