More Beautiful Boxes

The Peace Country always seems to have artists coming out of the woodwork!  Sometimes they come up with woodwork, and that’s just as wonderful.  Carolyn and Judy have acquired a few new pieces…  These aren’t the best photos.  Still trying to work out how to show off the grain, but there is no way you can see the captivating movement of colour in this wood without handling it.


This one is beautiful curly maple (although you can’t see it at its best in this photo). It might go to a gallery with miniature books inside… so long as it has a nice safe spot to be displayed in.


Judy and Carolyn got matching boxes… well, they are easy to tell apart by the patterns in the wood. Carolyn’s has oak where Judy’s has maple. Both have lacewood panels on the bottom, and for the lids this vibrant, silky wood that you have to see to believe. This is another attempt at photography… would help to have someone hold the drapery…


Lace wood. Fascinating grain. This is a small box on exhibit in the Dawson Creek Gallery gift shop.


Also in the gift shop, this box is oak and walnut (fairly sure) with a rich red inlay.


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