Last week’s adult art class was doing acrylics. splashsold07 To start, we just took palette knives, matte board and black, brown and white paint to make very effective birch trees.  It is pleasing to carve out a picture – quite a different feel from using a brush.

Palette knives are a great tool in watercolour too.  Here’s a doodle Carolyn did a few years ago.  It started with a scrap piece of paper and a demonstration of how to make rocks.  The palette had some leftover blue on it as well, so those rocks turned into ocean cliffs, slick with rain and alive with rivulets, battered with the splashing sea.  Of course, in such a situation, one might need a lighthouse.  That was also scratched in with the tip of a palette knife.  Only the sky and water were done with a brush.



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