Art Day Thursday

What a day!

The Three Generations went to DSCF9608our regular Thursday morning at the lodge last week.  We painted the railway snow fence that can be seen from the highway on the way to Rycroft, with the winter sunrise behind.  The paintings all turned out well and everyone added her individual style.

We were attempting to make the sky look out of focus so the silhouetted fence posts would create depth.  Maybe it doesn’t translate in this photo, but it worked really well.

At the lodge, our eldest painter is 94.DSCF9530



After a quick lunch, Judy and Carolyn went to kindergarten, where the kids are all five or six years old.  It was a really good class of 12 (8 boys) and do they ever know how to paint dinosaurs!  Everyone drew and painted a tetrapod with lots of plates or spikes as well as a prehistoric tree and of course some grass to stand on.  Some of the dinosaurs even ended up with lovely princess hair.

When the paintings went on display at the school art show and sale they were all pre-sold to eager parents.


Then it was off to grade one to DSCF9531paint a snowy scene with trees and a little rabbit.  This is a fun painting with lots of watercolour tricks.  We drew invisible trees and painted over them to make them appear, covered in frost.  We grew snowflakes with salt and painted rabbits with special bunny brushes.  Rabbits leave footprints, of course, but their tracks are shadows in the snow so they are blue.  Not brown, oh no!

All 18 kids did a beautiful job.  We even had some super cleaner uppers to help pack up.
These paintings were in the art sale as well.  Hopefully they get framed and hung on the wall, because they’re worth it!


2 thoughts on “Art Day Thursday

  1. Deb says:

    How fun that you take your art expertise out into your community.

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