A Portrait of a Palaeontologist

Does familiarity make creating a likeness easier or more difficult?  I sat down to draw the Reverend William Conybeare  because obviously I never met him, and I had a nice portrait on hand. It was drawn in pen, I think, but the artists’ name has been lost.   Also, I set a limit of one hour drawing time.   Later I changed that to one hour for the head and another for the clothes, but that’s ok because I make the rules.  I wanted it to be looser and sketchier than other portraits I’ve done (don’t be fooled into thinking I’ve done a lot of them!).

So, does it look, more than usual, like my subject?  Well, who can tell?  Having never seen the living subject, it is impossible to say whether the drawing is like or not. No one alive today ever met Conybeare, so no one can say!

There is some distortion in this iPad close up too. Oh dear, what a big head he’s gotten!

Carolyn's depiction of Reverend William Conybeare.

Carolyn’s depiction of Reverend William Conybeare.


2 thoughts on “A Portrait of a Palaeontologist

  1. linnetmoss says:

    I like this very much. He certainly does look cerebral 😉

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