Pouring Rain at -20C

It doesn’t seem possible that liquid could fall from the sky at 20 below, but that’s what was happening December 22nd in Spirit River.  While not fun to drive through (of course the drops froze like miniature pancake ice when they hit the windshield) the rain did produce a phenomenal sight: light columns beaming straight up from every yard light, street light and headlight for miles around.  Ever seen orange and blue northern lights?


The red one to the right is from the 49 Mot sign.


Please imagine these as brighter than they look. Remember, it was pouring rain and -20. Cold fingers!


Main street, lit with giant scrawny candles.


A neighbour’s garage light, beaming up on the raindrops. Over here, Santa!

Now imagine that everywhere you look these beams are shining upwards to amazing heights, brightly coloured, glittering with reflecting ice/rain crystals.  The columns from each pair of headlights on the highway sail along, shining upwards at least as far as they beam forward.  Some high beams!

We see this phenomenon once in a while when snow is falling, but the effect was much stronger and glitterier in the rain.


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