They Said It Would Come

After three days of vigorous snowfall, wind chill and -20 to -30 C temperatures, you might think a chinook sounds like a good thing.  A real break from winter’s harsh hold.  Well, you can’t stop the weather.  And we did have lots of warning.

In the morning it was still cold, but the clouds looked springish.  By one the chinook arch was blocking the sun and looking cold blue in the east.  We heard that it was +4 in the hills, although it was -15 here.  Still, the mirage had started in the north and west.  We took a drive out of the valley to have a look.

Sure enough, warm air was billowing across the fields.  Rycroft’s elevators were shimmering and unclear.  We could see the heat, but we couldn’t feel it, unless you count the damp chill.  The snow was far from melting.



These guys showed signs of fresh snowfall.


You never know what might be out there.


The moon rose mid-afternoon.  Looking side-ways saggy.  It is difficult to get pictures of shimmer.


We watched the mirage hover over Rycroft, sending the elevators soaring one minute and back to normal the next.  Sometimes only the farthest of the three elevators would rise.  Sometimes headlights on the highway were travelling miles high.  Is it possible to drive off a mirage?  Should have watched more carefully.


At 4:30 the windows in the house fogged up.  The wind came, stiff and warm.  The temperature rose 12 degrees in half an hour.  Dripping started almost immediately.  The sun room smelled ominously of wet plywood.  Past time to shovel it out.  By the time the rain came and went, we had done what we could.  Rain dripping on a tarp sounds like camping.

By 8:00 it was dark and warm, +4C.    Any roads that had been ploughed, graded, bobcatted or shovelled were soft, but passable.  Any that hadn’t were… avoidable.  Snow, piled three feet high on barrels, planters, bushes and bird feeders sagged in distinguishable layers, like piles of pancakes.  By ten, the snowy bushes decorated with Christmas lights that had looked like opaque, glowing snow globes were clean and wet.

My mitts are soaked and they smell.  The dogs have snowballs in their armpits.

Good?  Bad?  It’s the weather.  No matter how it goes, you have a good complain about it and carry on 🙂

11:00: sun room is flooded.  Vacuuming.


2 thoughts on “They Said It Would Come

  1. lundygirl says:

    Wow! We never have weather like that here with those changes in temperature. Really interesting post and great pictures.

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