Hoar Frost

It’s cold here in the Peace, but the wind has stopped and yesterday we got to see one of the most beautiful winter phenomena, hoar frost!  Today I didn’t take my camera with me when I went for a quick snowshoe and it was cold enough there was no way I was going out again, especially after a got a dump of snow down my neck and my hair grew lovely frost.  Well, it would be dark before I was sufficiently dried and re-bundled.

Therefore, these are pictures from winters past but they’re what yesterday would have looked like had it been sunnier.


This one is Grandma’s photo.

P1060113 P1130206 P1130511 P1130191 P1060133 P1250744 P1250759 P1260021 P1260377 P1430409 P1430533 P1200312 P1140209 P1140187


6 thoughts on “Hoar Frost

  1. stonka says:

    Very nice photos, winter is perfect in it’s colourfull richness of whites!

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  3. Anonymous says:

    your photos are absolutely spectacular! thank you for taking me back home….i miss snow

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