Bear Cam

A hunting camera: the perfect way to see what goes on when you’re not around.  You can set it all up to get just the picture you would like… and then it is no longer in your hands.

In a scenic, swampy area bear trails and bear plops were a dead giveaway that several bears were in the area.  It was the perfect place to test a new camera. I don’t want to shoot anything; it’s the picture that matters.  This time, I took a test picture to see what I could expect.HUNT0006Good.  That’s the bear trail just to the right of those foreground trees.  I think they’ll be coming in from the left.  So, tie the camera to the tree, switch it on and get out without another nice shot of my behind (I’m learning so much).

A few hours later…

HUNT0010This bear is quite at home, sure of its territory ( I don’t know whether this is a male or female, so it’s an it).  Not a bad shot!  And then a second it joins it.  Wonderful!

HUNT0021Rummage rummage rummage.  There may have been more than two bears.  It is difficult to tell them apart in the dark and over a series of pictures they sometimes seem to move quite quickly.  The camera is set to take pictures three seconds apart.

I guess that could get annoying.

HUNT0023Hey!  Stop flashing at me already!  Grr, I gotta fix this.  Gimme a minute.

HUNT0025HUNT0027HUNT0029The picture above might be the inside of the bear’s mouth.  Notice the temperature has gone up by 2 degrees?  Also, the camera has some bite marks on it.

HUNT0034There.  Now that stupid light isn’t in my eyes.

But but a few hours later one of the bears was still objecting.  I think that’s an ear on the right but it could be any hairy bear bit.  The camera is facing the original direction again.  For the moment.

HUNT0144I think this is where it got smacked by a dirty paw.  I have no idea what the lines are, but the camera is pointing at the ground so the bear must be trying to pull it off the tree.

HUNT0158Here is the final arrangement, a couple of days later.  The coyote isn’t bothered in the least.

HUNT0258A few days later, the bear comes back to check on the situation.

HUNT0353Whatever.  I have more important things to do.

HUNT0384Aha!  So not only did I not get that shot of my retreating bottom, I did get a shot or two of a bear’s behind.  Lesson learned, trial four is declared a success!


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