Miniature Flower Pot


This one is a little difficult to figure out.  The flower pot is on a ledge inside a screened in porch.  In the background there is a juniper bush and some leafy stuff in a rock garden against the garage.  The light was the part that caught my eye but, again, I never like my flower paintings as much as I would like to.


Miniature River


This is a chilly view up the Peace River at Dunvegan, Alberta.  It isn’t really sunset; winter light just doesn’t last long, nor does the sun make it above the hills on the shortest days.

Miniature Trees


The Lodge Ladies inspired this one.  When they did their background forests with a dry brush, the white of the paper looked like hoar frost spilling from the boughs in a puff of warm air.  Mine didn’t quite achieve that look, but it did make the sunshine look nice and strong. Maybe all the frost already melted.

Miniature Alley


A very snowy alley!  This was done from a photo taken last March here in Spirit River.  Wow, we had quite a pile of snow last year, not helped by the drifting.  As I type there are weather warnings for a good three quarters of North America, but despite the blowing snow outside I feel better when I compare this winter to last winter.  I haven’t shoveled in a couple of weeks and I’d knock on wood except that it is actively snowing so shoveling is inevitable.