Construction Week

Our young students love construction week!  It doesn’t involve hammers and nails (much to one kid’s relief), just glue and scissors and paper and feathers and leather and wood and glittery things and cotton balls and string and anything else Judy has in her studio cupboards.  This time the kids were given a basic house kit with four walls, a roof and a yard.  From there on, this was their creation.  Check out what they did in class (we suspect some may continue the project at home).  Some even decorated the interiors, adding clothespin dolls.  One made hers a cat abode for her felted cat from last week.  The final addition was a battery operated candle set inside to make the houses cozy and warm for winter nights.

IMG_4848.jpgIMG_4849.jpgIMG_4850.jpgIMG_4853.jpgIMG_4855.jpgIMG_4856.jpgIMG_4857.jpgIMG_4858.jpgIMG_2261.jpgIMG_2259 (1).jpg

Drawing With a Grid

Our adult classes did the snowy spruce trees with the grid, a subject which has a lot of leeway for artistic license.  The kids, ages six to 13, drew blue jays.  I suppose if you make a mistake with a bird you can still cover it with scribbly spruce boughs, but in general, a bird does have to look like a bird.


6 to 10 year olds. Pretty impressive!


8 to 13 year olds. Carolyn’s is top right and Judy’s just below.