Fish Production


Our kids classes worked two weeks on their fish acrylics.  We turned the studio into an aquarium.  Here are the bright and cheery results!


Spring Evening Class

Judy and Carolyn enjoyed instructing a class of ladies one fine spring evening.  Our subject was a bit warmer and leafier than our weather, but certainly something to look forward to.  Here are some of the results of Watercolour 101.

Acrylic Boxes

The kids in our classes were excited to paint their own pencil boxes.  We used acrylics, adding many layers to deepen the colours and add lots of detail. IMG_1404.jpg

To start with, they don’t look like much.

IMG_1405 (1).jpg

A few more layers and a bit more detail. IMG_1422 (1).jpg

The swans box finished, along with Judy’s roses and some of the results from the older kids’ class.

IMG_1406 (1).jpg

The 7 – 9 year olds were really proud of their boxes.


Banners 2019

This is our tenth year with the Banners Program in Fairview, Alberta.  For 20 years or more, every grade three student in Fairview has painted a banner to be hung on a streetlamp in town.  There is always a theme: something to do with how great the Community of Fairview is.  This year, at last, we celebrated The Arts in Fairview. Check out the these images of the process behind the vibrant banners for this season, going up soon.