Fall Campsite

Fall is arguably the prettiest season.  Maybe that’s because it changes so fast and its beauty is at the whim of the weather.  Judy captured a moment of summer sun and autumn shadows at a campsite in B.C.  The harbinger colours are emerging in the undergrowth and creating a magical spray of adornment for the weathered old poplars and birch.

fall Campsite.JPG


Evening At Glencoe

After a long day of walking and pouring rain, what a delight to find a lovely little town like Glencoe in one of the most beautiful valleys in Scotland and on the edge of a loch full of sailboats.  Soon the sun broke through the clouds and beamed across the hills.  A supper of fresh scallops and a view like this make Glencoe a happy memory.

Evening at Glencoe.JPG

Scotland Series

Well, it’s kind of an unofficial series.  Since travelling to Scotland with JK, Carolyn has painted 8 pieces inspired by the rainy Highlands and the Isle of Skye (also rainy).  That’s real inspiration: it’s only been a month.  Scotland can’t take all the credit, since the deadline for our two-woman show in Dawson Creek was cause for motivation as well.  Here’s the first:

The Quiraing from Staffin.jpg

The Quiraing From Staffin

This was the view right out our B and B window.  The Quiraing is a geological formation of massive slips and slides running up the Trotternish Peninsula.  It’s certainly a dramatic backdrop for the tiny coastal villages.


Hello Again

Hi everyone out there,

Just letting you know we’re still here!  It was a busy summer.  Carolyn got married (to JK) and Judy made the dress and the cake so we were all very occupied.  Since then, Judy and Carolyn have been getting ready for their two-woman show in Dawson Creek, opening October 5th.  On the side, JK has his work in the school gallery and Evelyn’s in the hospital art gallery where a portion of sales goes to Palliative Care.  That comes to a lot of framing, advertising, painting and packing.  We hope to be back to regular blogging soon!

See you around,

Carolyn and Judy


Spring Crossing

This watercolour was based on a couple of old photos of my Grandfather coming to the Peace Country.  That’s him in the red coat.  I’m not sure why the wagon wasn’t loaded.  They wouldn’t have arrived in the spring during the thaw; perhaps this was an expedition rather than a challenge on the settlement trail.  The second photo was of the horses pulling up on the near side of the river.  So they made it and continued on with whatever their business was.


The painting was done using Moonglow, except for the red coat. I like the monochrome but I also like the way Krieghoff used bright red so sparingly and so eye-catchingly.