Alcohol Ink Miniatures

Judy painted some alcohol ink glass miniatures for a show this month.  They measure about an inch by an inch and a half.  You have to pick them up and move them around in order to see the entire painting.  Moving them makes them come alive.  The paints are brilliant and clear, a perfect compliment to the transparent glass.  To finish them, Judy added a white felt backing.


Mixed Media Marbles!

Our first adult art class really got rolling Thursday night. ¬†Check out these amazing marbles our students created. ¬†They are mixed media: starting with toned pastel papers, we added colours, shades and light with conte pencils, marker, graphite, charcoal, oil pastels and pencil crayons. ¬†Most of these are made up marbles. ¬†A¬†big part of the lesson was the illusion of art: using light and shadow to create three dimensions and¬†translucent, glossy textures¬†without getting caught up in exactly duplicating a tricky subject.¬†¬†I’d say it worked rather well ūüôādscf9906dscf9905dscf9904dscf9903