Spring Reaches the River

The snow has all gone and even most of the run off. It was finally possible to go and walk along the river without getting too muddy, and we could cross without getting wet. What a beautiful spring evening in the Peace Country.


Spring Plein Air

So far up here in Northern Alberta we’ve had one or two evenings when one doesn’t mind baring one’s fingers for a session of outdoor watercolour sketching. Here is Carolyn’s first outdoor attempt of 2021. Just a local park with a memorial tree, but the benches around it were left out. Probably the funny square of leaves and dirt should have been turned into grass, come to think of it. Oh well.

Skip to Fall

Carolyn had a fall scene in mind to paint for a while, and then one day the old building was burned down. It was a landmark in the area for a century or more and suddenly it was gone. Hooray for photos and paintings to preserve what gets lost in reality.

Bookmarks, Year Two

It was about a year ago that Carolyn sent some little cousins watercolour bookmarks to commemorate an unusual year. Well, a new puppy took a liking to the taste of dinosaurs or maybe watercolours made with honey and a peaceful herbivore, minding its own business, was… divided and made soggy. So there is one replacement bookmark and a new one each for the kids of the household, still enjoying books and puddles and worms even if they are still locked down.

An Ontario Barn

Judy painted this wonderful old barn from a friend’s photo, so she could send it to her friend. It may be old and no longer used, but it is loved by the owners and passersby. See how the window has a window through the overgrown trees? Still keeping an eye on things.

Head Banding: Last Step of the Underwear

The decorative head banding is the last step before all the knots and stray ends are covered over, never to be seen again. The covers cover all the messy bits – although these are actually quite tidy.