Lightening Skies

This looks like a grey and blustery day for a walk, but the dog doesn’t care what the weather might be like. The world is exciting! Especially in the wind and snow. The storm was lifting and the afternoon ended up being bright and sunny, but somehow not so alive as this whirling moment .

A Frosty Morning Run

Poor deer. It was scratching out some food when a couple of tromping pedestrians straggled though the peaceful trees. Ah well, a brisk dash warms the body.

The frost is thick here in the peace country, and so is the fog. It is so still when the wind isn’t blowing, and feels much warmer as well. Winter has set in for the foreseeable future. What a beautiful season.

Horses in a Poured Landscape

This one is a little different for Carolyn. With an initial pour of pink, yellow, green and purple, these might as well have been unicorns instead of horses. Things were looking very candy coloured for a while… It is very interesting to see how colours layer over pours though. Each one shines through the next, no matter whether the colours “should” work together or not. Orange over blue? Apparently this is no problem. It might be difficult to see in this photo that the pink hills with blue shadows have a wash of orange over them. That really should have made mud, or at least grey, but it made a lovely, impossible layer of bright blue and orange. Huh!